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A Girl And A Lost Art

Aug 26 '13

As of 3pm this afternoon my major work is officially finished! 

I’m submitting it as a Collection of Works in four pieces - the box, and then the three mounts, two of which are letters that my teacher and I picked out from the ones sent to me, and the last being a summary of the project and the concept. 

Over the next week all the artworks from my class are going to be packaged and sent off to Homebush in Sydney where they’ll be marked. I believe my marks will come back when I get the rest of my results for the HSC, which isn’t for another few months or so.

When my artwork comes back i’m going to sort through the letters and pick out every letter that included a return address and i’m going to spend the majority of my Christmas break after I finish school (for good!) replying to your letters. Please know that I am extremely thankful to each and every one of you for contributing to my major work, your letters are the reason this works and I am so grateful that you took the time to write them for me.

So what now?

Well this project has actually taught me something about writing, sending, and receiving letters - and that’s that I love it. 
I’m going to keep my PO box open for anyone who would like a penpal. I’ve never had a penpal before but I would really love to try it. 
Feel free to send me a message either on this blog, my main blog handpickedhappiness, or you can email me at

The address for the PO box is still 
PO BOX 312
Kingswood 2747
NSW, Australia.

Thank you all again so much, i’m really glad I decided to do this. 
I’ll be sure to update you guys with my marks for this artwork as soon as I get them.

A million times thank you
- Melissa