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A Girl And A Lost Art

Jan 12 '13

When Was The Last Time You Wrote Someone A Letter? - Repost

[just a reminder in case this may have slipped your mind (:
So far I only have 5 letters/post cards and I’d really love to see some more coming in. ]

Nerdfighters, Hopefuls, Nermie Army, Coollikers, fangirls and boys everywhere. YouTubers. Tweeters. Tumblrers. Facebookers. Hell, even you MySpacers. If you have ever turned on your computer and logged on to the internet, entered a password and signed in, I have something to ask of you:

My name is Melissa, I live in Australia and I am currently in my last year of High School. Right now I’m putting together my Major Work for my Visual Arts class. This piece accounts for 50% of my final mark and I’m determined to do something…good. I decided to look at topics and ideas that mean something to me. It’s a long and winding road but eventually I got around to this, exactly this, the internet. I spend far too much time on here, posting, talking, watching, tweeting…and so many people do the same thing.

The internet has opened a million doors to us, but there are also some doors that all this connectivity seems to be closing.

I want you to think about the last time you wrote a letter. Not an email or an inbox, not a comment or a tweet, a letter. Hand written, stamped, addressed, stuck in the post box. A lot of you will have the answer ‘never’, most of you will wonder what the point of sending letters is when you can just send someone an instant message. Well that’s exactly what my Major Work is about. This lost art of letter writing that’s been slipping away as the digital age takes over.

It’s not all bad I suppose, if it weren’t for the internet and this amassing network of people, information, webpages etc, then you wouldn’t be reading this. I wouldn’t be able to ask for your help with this.

What is it that you have to do?

I’m collecting handwritten letters, postcards etc to include in the physical component of my work. I’m asking people from everywhere, my town, this country, other countries, the entire world…I’m asking you all to write me a letter. The way it used to be back when people put thought and detail and meaning into their correspondence.

I’m not asking for stunning prose or immaculate poetry. I’m just looking for substance. Write about a loved one, an unrequited crush, a day last summer that makes you happy, a memory, a book or song that you love and how it makes you feel, a random thought that hit you in the middle of the night, a dream or a wish.

It might seem like a lot, bearing all to a stranger and her Visual Arts class from Australia but I encourage you not to hold back. Dig deep and pull up the words you wouldn’t usually use, think about your letter, the way the ink hits the paper and the permanence of it, you can’t backspace here.

Tell me where you’re from, your name and age (if you would like to and feel comfortable with that) be careful with punctuation and structure, plan your letter if you need to, draft it before you write out a final copy.

Put that letter in an envelope and send that, stamped and addressed to;
Melissa Swann
PO BOX 312
Kingswood 2747
NSW Australia.
Each of you will be acknowledged in the final work, and I will be extremely thankful.

Perhaps this will encourage you to write letters more often.

If I could ask one more thing of you? I wouldn’t usually ask this of anyone but if you could please share the link to this page with your friends, your family, your co-workers or kids at school. Show your teacher or even your principal, see if you can get your school involved, see if you can get anyone involved. Share this to your Twitter and your Facebook, reblog this to your Tumblr. Because in all truthfulness none of this is going to work without you guys. You alone, you reading this, you are the vital part of my Major Work, without your letters I have nothing. And I will keep you all updated on the process as it comes along.

Thank you so much. Words cannot express the amount of gratitude I have for anyone who decides to participate.

You can email me at if you have any questions or comments at all.

Thank you again. A thousand times thank you.

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